Quick & Basic SEO Checklist for A New Website Launch

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So all set the click the most awaited “launch” option with your brand new website? This is where you need to take a quick glance at all your SEO considerations. Maybe you have considered most and overlooked a couple of basics. Start-ups, small businesses or existing businesses in an attempt to develop new websites to come live with a new business segment often rule out SEO tactics that might yield positive results. Being a professional SEO company and offering specialized SEO solutions, Media Fx has identified a quick SEO checklist to adhere to prior to your website launch.

  • The keyword to URL map for the content

To start off, it is beneficial if you look right across the website to create and get some keyword research done. Once that is done then you can set up a list that can map out all the other keywords that you’ve been initially targeting for all the URL’s, the pages that are there on your brand new website. This is a basic SEO to-do that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Focus on crawl, accessibility and UX

This is where as an entrepreneur who’ve had his website developed and all set to go live you need to hover your mind on a couple of questions, such as – are the content and website pages available in search engines, will the pages load quick from everywhere, is the website content accessible from all browsers, any device and to every audience and the like. This is where entrepreneurs can opt in for an in-house usability test. Get an audience, such as family, acquaintance and friends for the same. Alternatively, you could also opt in for Usability Hub or Five Second Test to be effective in your testing.  At times, these tests might show-up something crucial in your content or navigation that might need fixing prior to your launch.

  • Considering Open Graph, Rich snippets, Schema and the like

All this refers to one – better and efficient optimization! This is the part where as entrepreneurs you need to check through the URL’s and figure out if you have other scopes than page sorting and keyword mapping. You can also look out for better content scopes and image search scopes as well. Search for rich snippet opportunities as well. For instance, you can make use of a customer testimonial that would add value and also an image that would accentuate its effect. In addition to that, you could also make use of the instructions given on Facebook and Twitter on the way to show-up effectively and enhance the brand reputation. Companies making use of OpenGraph will experience it working perfect on LinkedIn as well. So you can juggle your options and check what works best.

  • Consider a plan for link outreach and launch amplification

One of the basic aspects of SEO is that as a start-up or online business you would require links along with engagement and certain kinds of signals so that your site ranks well. It is essential for you to have a great launch day, month and even week. To get to that, you need to start off by mulling on who is going to assist you in amplifying your website launch and the reason for it. If you can discern out on the “why would they amplify your launch”, i.e. because they are an acquaintance, family, friends or just known people who would be willing to personally help owing to former business relationships or they have been your customers, the plan to reach them becomes easy. It could also be that some of them are journalists or online correspondents looking forward to a good and unique story and your website launch promises them that. There are also a lot of bloggers today who are waiting to write and publish about new happenings in their site. Hence, identifying this section of people is essential. Once that is done then you can prepare your direct outreach plan with clarity.

Being an experienced SEO company in India, Media Fx outlines this basic SEO checklist to consider before your website launch. This will ensure your business gets recognized in the right channels and yield better results in terms of brand recall, awareness and favourable ROI.

Google Testing A New Content Platform

Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers

Google has been recently carrying out tests for a brand new content platform known as “Posts with Google,” which can have a strong impact on both paid as well as organic brand searches. For a long time, Google has been struggling to build an apt social networking platform of its own. While Google Buzz failed to make the impact that it was supposed to create, the same can be said about Google Plus since it lags way behind other major social networking portals. While the new platform that is currently being tested by Google does include some elements of social networking, it is still highly unique in its own way and quite different from standard social networking sites. This has also led SEO companies to wonder about the ways this new platform is going to influence the trends of content management and search engine optimization. As a topSEO company in India, Media Fx has reflected on some of the ways it can impact SEO practices in India and the rest of the world.

Millions of people carry out searches for finding different types of information on Google on a daily basis about different types of queries. Many of these searches are regarding prominent organizations and individuals. On the official website for their new platform, Google has stated that they are currently experimenting with a unique and new method that will enable users to get direct feedback from select entities that they are searching for.

Verified organizations and individuals can communicate now directly by using texts, videos and images on Google. This is going to make content creation simple and fast. Moreover, once any content is published, the posts are going to appear in the search results that are related to the specific publisher. The posts can also be easily shared on various popular social networking sites. Such features can be easily used by a professional SEO company to promote a particular company or individual.

Therefore it seems that the main of this new platform is to present real-time updates from organizations and individuals when someone carries out direct brand searches. It also complements the results of Google’s Knowledge Graph that is known for providing quick information for various entities. For quite some time, Google has been already performing the real-time update for official Twitter profiles by having their tweet feed appear as search results for different entities.

While this platform is still at its experimental stage and at present it accepts posts by “invite only”, major SEO companies are of the opinion that it is going to make a strong impact if Google makes it available for more brands and individuals. It is due to this reason that every professional SEO company worth their salt are now looking forward as to Google’s decisions regarding this new platform.

The content presented at the Google Posts is going to be very prominent and will include images, videos and links. Such results can easily drive clicks from organic results as well as paid ads. The links present within the posts can direct the users to the official website of the brand. This can save expenses associated with paid search. The platform also allows users to post real-time updates like sales and promotions; this is certainly going to increase the conversion rates for a site.

Considering the benefits that this new platform can provide, it can be said that Google Posts will play a crucial role in terms for SEO in days to come. This has naturally got numerous businesses speculate about the SEO methods that are going to be used in connection with it. A top SEO company in India like Media Fx can help customers to use this platform to their advantage and promote their businesses in the best possible way.

4 Effective Ways To Build Backlinks For A Brand New Site


Building backlinks for a brand new site is one of the most effective ways to improve its ranking. However, there is always a lot of speculation about the strategies that one must take for building the backlinks. While purchasing social media bookmarks and directory links was once considered to be an effective method for linking, it is now a thing of the past and cannot produce the same kind of results anymore. As a professional SEO company, Media Fx recommends certain proven and result oriented backlinking strategies that can help in getting immediate traffic along with long-term search rankings.

1. Provide with something unique to your users-

When you are doing SEO for a new business, you need to remember that hardly anyone knows anything about the company. So even if the company has a lot to provide to buyers, people have little or no information about them. However, it is still possible to get attention from browsers who have little or no idea about the business and this can be done by effective link building. One of the ways that this can be done is by creating a nice photo gallery and then sending the link to the gallery to popular bloggers. A good way to proceed with this strategy is by developing a custom image gallery. You can also create tools within the site that helps in performing different types of important activities. Alternately, a great way to obtain backlinks is by doing research for others regarding a particular topic which can then fetch more visitors.

2. Analyze backlink building techniques used by industry competitors-

Plenty of companies offering digital marketing services in India simply choose to study the backlinking strategies that are used by companies belonging to the same niche market. So for instance, if your rival firm is using particular site for getting the backlinks, then you can also use it for obtaining your own backlinks. You can also use specialized tools that would help you to find optimum backlinks for a particular site. To use these tools, all you need to do is just use the database to search backlinks by putting in the domain name of the competitor that you want to study.

3. Look for forum links that have considerable value-

In most cases, forum links are really not worth your effort. However, if you can find popular threads on big forums, then those threads can be a good source of effective backlinks. Since these threads rank well in Google, any professional SEO Company would recommend its clients to work with them and improve the rankings of its pages greatly within a very short period of time.

4. Use guest posting for getting best links-

Guest posting is a highly effective way of creating smart content that can provide you with excellent backlinks for a site.

Following these methods above can help an SEO specialist to build better backlinks that would increase the number of visitors for a site within a short time. As a company offering state of the art digital marketing services in India, Media Fx has already evaluated the effectiveness of these strategies which makes them well suited for any kind of SEO planning.

7 Top Tips To Choose The Best Web Development Agency For Your Business Needs


Looking to launch your online business and leaving a strong mark in the market? Then you should contact a reliable web designing and web development company who can also provide you with efficient SEO and online marketing services. A professional SEO company in Kolkata like Media Fx can present you with services that are beneficial for the specific nature of your business. Here are some guidelines on how to choose a web development company that can provide you with top notch services.

• Many times clients hardly have much idea as to what they want with their web development projects. This not only makes it somewhat difficult for the service provider to work on the project but also adds an additional burden for them to come up with an efficient web development strategy fully on their own. It is always better to have a clear idea of what you want from your web development project so that it becomes easier to implement necessary online marketing tools like SEO. It will not only help you to save on time and effort but also a lot of money in the process.

• Choose a web development firm based on solid credentials. There are a number of things that you can check out for when you are trying to find a service provider suited for your project. This includes the number of clients that they have already worked with, how long do they take to complete a project, whether they have appropriate communication methods or not and the cost required for specific projects.

• The work culture of your service provider can greatly determine what you can expect from them. Many web development companies simply get some outsourcing company to do the work for them. This ultimately leads you to have a poor quality website that hardly matches your expectations. Hence you should always find out from the beginning whether they are working on it themselves or are planning to outsource the whole project. Your service provider should also be able to provide you with necessary technical support and assistance after the completion of the project.

• The web development company that you choose to work on your project should be highly knowledgeable about the various aspects of website designing, development and online marketing. It should also have an efficient customer service that offers smooth lines of communication with the development team at all times.

• The development team should be able to provide you with testimonials of their work that prove their effectiveness. You can get in touch with a number of their present and previous clients to have a better idea of their performance. The company that you are looking to hire should maintain transparency at all levels and have nothing to hide.

• After you have gone through their references, you should examine their work portfolios and see what kind of web development patterns and web designs they can offer and whether they are in sync with your personal needs. Unless a company can show you portfolio of their work, you should never think of hiring them.

• While you should try and save expenses during the web development process, it is better that you do not try to hire services that are too cheap as this may ultimately leave you with poor quality services. There should always be a fine balance between the quality of services provided and the price rates. A web development and web design company in Kolkata like Media Fx with sufficient technical knowledge and experience can present you with high quality services that are reliable but priced at cost effective rates.

10 Important SEO Tips For Every Web Designers


Proper implementation of SEO is crucial for any website to enjoy the kind of online exposure it deserves. Any professional SEO company like Media Fx understands the importance of using such methods from the design phase of a site as it makes them even more effective. Here are some SEO tips for web designers provided by the best web design company in India.

Conducting thorough keyword research

An SEO strategy must be planned from early stages of website designing. Keyword research is carried out at first in order to determine what the target customers are searching for when they are browsing the net for the same products and services.

Meaningful URL

Since Google goes through the words that are used in URLs, it is important to integrate the keyword phrases and keywords within them. This can make it easier for Google to understand what a particular site is all about.

Responsive Design

More people are now using their mobiles to browse the internet. Due to this reason it has become necessary for designers to make use of a template that can easily adjust itself to all kinds of screen sizes from desktops to mobiles and tablets.

Adding Relevant Title Tags

A title page provides with a clear picture about the topic that is discussed in a particular web page. The title tags are featured in 3 distinct places, i.e. the browsers, the search engine result pages and the external websites. Keep the number of characters in the title tag less than 65.

Describe your image files appropriately

Optimize your site to make it more search engine friendly. Use descriptive file names to optimize the image files used in your site. Google can read names of image files but cannot decipher meaningless words. Make use of keywords and little descriptions that will make it easier for search engines to understand the file names.

Add a call-to-action message on every page

By adding a call-to-action message on every page, you can encourage your site visitors to take the actions that you want them to. It is also a great way to understand what your site visitors are doing. You can schedule a consultation or add a shopping cart button. These call-to-action messages always produce effective results.

Stay away from using large sized images

Keep the size of your image files below 70kb. These images will take much less time to load and will play a vital role in enhancing your site’s bounce rate.

Keep primary content at the top

Make sure to keep all important information at the top so that viewers can read them instantly. Google has updated its algorithm for the page layouts and sites that have important information placed at the top are rewarded.

Steer clear of flash intros

Flash files are rich media format that Google and other search engines don’t scroll. Today, HTML5 and Flash files are a type of rich media format which Google and various other search engines do not scroll. Instead of flash, most website designers make use of HTML5 and a number of other latest languages.

Improve Site Speed

Your site speed should be fast. Make sure to keep your page design light so that they load easily. With greater loading time, the bounce rate for your site with browsers and external sites will increase. A reputed web design firm like Media Fx can offer proper guidance on how to improve your site speed.