Ways to Ensure that you’re Using a Sound Digital Marketing Strategy

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Every ace digital marketer will tell you that the best strategy is one that is result-driven. The domain of digital marketing comprises of several metrics that are essential to consider on an everyday basis. The vast data that we collate usually reveals only a fraction of what’s happening and is often not sufficient to help us accomplish our business objectives. If you opt in for Google Analytics, you can have access to over 75 standard reports and all of it can be modified that offers even more information. Media Fx, an ace service provider of SEO solutions offers some effective ways to go about building the correct digital marketing strategy. Here’s how!

  • Fixing the proper business objectives

Most start-ups miss analyzing and re-thinking on the question, “Was it worth it?” It’s best to consider the capital, time and efforts invested in the business so that you know that you’re marketing strategies and route map isn’t going futile in anyway. So to have a clear vision of all things it is best to consider your business goals once more. The apt way to go about it is to categorize the goals in two sections, that is:

1. Keeping a track of the internal progress
2. Assessing the business goals and targets

  • Tap into the potential of experimentation

When you are analyzing your business strategy and process at work, it is important to welcome in experimentation. Big data and other source of information can provide certain insights and idea about the past behaviour of the users but cannot entirely reveal insights about propelling future changes that are to follow. Keeping this in mind, there are many other activities and aspects that you can work on. For instance, you have the scope to function within the channels that permit you to have a glimpse at the outcome of a very short-term perspective. Simultaneously, in terms of the SEO matters, that certainly comprises of the determining the traffic, you also have the chance to analyze if the link from a chosen site has been worth all your attempts. These activities will help you in framing your online marketing strategy in a human way.

  • Get into the habit of planning, evaluating, acting as well as enhancing

If truth be told, then online marketing is a perfect blend of these few facts as well as analysis that generates out of it. And there isn’t any one analytics approach that can offer you whether you are on the correct path. In addition to that, it neither can assure you that you have done a fabulous job and what would be the apt way to go forward. Which is why according to most digital marketers within the parameters of digital marketing domain is replete with a certain amount of doubt, uncertainty as well as hesitation. Furthermore, there are few other marketers who are of the opinion that the way to honing up their judgement in this constantly changing landscape is the data and few of the companies are all geared up with the complex and detailed analytical tools and ways to address the digital marketing landscape.

In addition to that, most digital marketers know that keeping the business objectives need some of about active legwork, for instance collating all the crucial historical data as well as researching on the present industry trends and many more. And once you are sure about the KPI’s, then you will be able to have the same on the radar as they explain how effective your attempts are on your way to achieve all your business goals and objectives. Therefore, it is essential for digital marketing companies and other brands to never stop experimenting with their business ideas and create targets that will place a challenge to the entire team. However, it is essential to not give into any kind of dubious attempts in the name of experimentation.

Being one of the expert and accomplished SEO Company in India, at Media Fx there’s a dedicated and enthusiastic digital marketing team who from time to time addresses their clients on the best practices to determine whether they are following the steps to an apt online marketing strategy.

Quick & Basic SEO Checklist for A New Website Launch

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So all set the click the most awaited “launch” option with your brand new website? This is where you need to take a quick glance at all your SEO considerations. Maybe you have considered most and overlooked a couple of basics. Start-ups, small businesses or existing businesses in an attempt to develop new websites to come live with a new business segment often rule out SEO tactics that might yield positive results. Being a professional SEO company and offering specialized SEO solutions, Media Fx has identified a quick SEO checklist to adhere to prior to your website launch.

  • The keyword to URL map for the content

To start off, it is beneficial if you look right across the website to create and get some keyword research done. Once that is done then you can set up a list that can map out all the other keywords that you’ve been initially targeting for all the URL’s, the pages that are there on your brand new website. This is a basic SEO to-do that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Focus on crawl, accessibility and UX

This is where as an entrepreneur who’ve had his website developed and all set to go live you need to hover your mind on a couple of questions, such as – are the content and website pages available in search engines, will the pages load quick from everywhere, is the website content accessible from all browsers, any device and to every audience and the like. This is where entrepreneurs can opt in for an in-house usability test. Get an audience, such as family, acquaintance and friends for the same. Alternatively, you could also opt in for Usability Hub or Five Second Test to be effective in your testing.  At times, these tests might show-up something crucial in your content or navigation that might need fixing prior to your launch.

  • Considering Open Graph, Rich snippets, Schema and the like

All this refers to one – better and efficient optimization! This is the part where as entrepreneurs you need to check through the URL’s and figure out if you have other scopes than page sorting and keyword mapping. You can also look out for better content scopes and image search scopes as well. Search for rich snippet opportunities as well. For instance, you can make use of a customer testimonial that would add value and also an image that would accentuate its effect. In addition to that, you could also make use of the instructions given on Facebook and Twitter on the way to show-up effectively and enhance the brand reputation. Companies making use of OpenGraph will experience it working perfect on LinkedIn as well. So you can juggle your options and check what works best.

  • Consider a plan for link outreach and launch amplification

One of the basic aspects of SEO is that as a start-up or online business you would require links along with engagement and certain kinds of signals so that your site ranks well. It is essential for you to have a great launch day, month and even week. To get to that, you need to start off by mulling on who is going to assist you in amplifying your website launch and the reason for it. If you can discern out on the “why would they amplify your launch”, i.e. because they are an acquaintance, family, friends or just known people who would be willing to personally help owing to former business relationships or they have been your customers, the plan to reach them becomes easy. It could also be that some of them are journalists or online correspondents looking forward to a good and unique story and your website launch promises them that. There are also a lot of bloggers today who are waiting to write and publish about new happenings in their site. Hence, identifying this section of people is essential. Once that is done then you can prepare your direct outreach plan with clarity.

Being an experienced SEO company in India, Media Fx outlines this basic SEO checklist to consider before your website launch. This will ensure your business gets recognized in the right channels and yield better results in terms of brand recall, awareness and favourable ROI.

Using Analytics Data in a way that Benefits your Business

Using Analytics Data for Business Purposes

Data analysis or data analytics is the buzz word in the web designing, development and social media arena. And that brings most start-ups and the SMB’s to a question – “How is analytics data going to be of help?”

Many types of research and studies conducted recently highlight that most SMB’s report to be caught up round the clock with business development strategies and seem to have less or zero time to devote to data analysis. Yet these companies have a desire to decode the benefits of this process. Data analytics can offer some useful insights and perspective about a certain venture or business that will act instrumental in expanding the same. MediaFx specializing in SEO services in India provides its clients with SEO services and also makes effective use of data analytics to help small scale businesses to flourish!

How Data Analytics Can Help SMB’s?

Let’s elucidate this with an example! For instance, Christine visits her favourite cafeteria named “Coffee Cabin” every Thursday evening or Friday morning to drink her favorite Café Mocha. The owner of this cafeteria can keep a track Christine’s orders, items purchased along with the coffee and use this simple data to arrive at better strategic decisions, compare the performance of this cafeteria with other market players of the similar categories and make functional decisions based on analytics and real-time data. This plays a pivotal role in generating greater consumer delight and brand loyalty, that’s the deciding factor of how much profit a brand will make in future.

Today, SMB’s have the chance to leverage the potential of data analytics to enhance the bottom-line and also set up a competitive advantage simultaneously staying at the top of the changing customer demands. The three core benefits include:

  1. Effective data analytics provide an in-depth understanding of the consumer behaviour and assists the ever changing customer preference in real time using actionable data.
  2. Data analytics allows small businesses to get better value from the loyalty and the marketing programs
  3. Data analytics enables the key decision makers of a business to manage performance better and also mitigate the risks effectively.

Google Analytics and SMB Benefits

Google Analytics is the best tool for SMB’s who want to unlock useful insights about their customer base and use this data to make more profits. This tool enables a company to have access to both the general statistics and the minutiae in great details along with the comprehensive reports. Three crucial aspects that a small or medium scale business can determine using Google Analytics are:

  • OS and Browsers used by your viewers

Google Analytics is the sure shot way to determine whether your viewers are using Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer. The report of your website will highlight a complete count on the way the browsers are used and to what frequency. This is helpful as there are times when certain web features aren’t compatible with browsers like Internet Explorer or the OS. Going by the data if a huge chunk of your views has a system that isn’t compatible with your website, then it’s a sign to troubleshoot and get this difference sorted so that there aren’t any roadblocks on the way of your brand awareness and site navigation.

  • Shows you people that simply aren’t interested

A website can record the greatest hits, but if the viewers and other people aren’t staying on the site to explore, then online growth might become questionable. In order to have a clear picture of the number of people that are visiting your site, Google Analytics effectively provides a Bounce Rate Breakdown. This tells you whether your site is making or not making a good impression amidst your readers.

  • Let’s you know if online viewers are viewing “on the go”

The omnipresence of our Smartphone’s and tablet devices compels SMB’s to stay updated technology wise. If Google Analytics reveals that a crucial chunk of your online viewers are locating you through their cellphone devices, then it is essential for you to make your website mobile-friendly. For instance, if yours is a women’s apparel website, then it should display all the collections, size details, photo options just like it does on the website.

By utilizing data analytics to make crucial business decisions, SMB’s today can spend wisely on marketing and operating expenses as swell. Companies like MediaFx that specializes in digital marketing services can counsel you on data analytics and how to maximize its benefits.

Digital Skills that should be Important for Marketers to Learn in 2017 and Beyond

Smartphone apps icons against a woman is using her smartphone

As digital marketing becomes more and more comprehensive with the advent of new technology, it is necessary for individual marketers to master a number of useful skills that will enable them to make marketing decisions in a more effective manner. Media Fx, a company offering digital marketing services and SEO services lists the following skills that will increase in importance in 2017 and the coming years for effective online promotions.

Analytics : Analytics is and will be one of the most important cornerstones of marketing in the coming months as the digital marketing industry tries to understand their target audience so that they can cater to their needs in the most effective manner. This is especially more so in these days as the preferences of the audience are going through a change and many times the companies are required to meet the requirements of a whole new audience. By collecting, studying and analyzing large amounts of data, inferences related to marketing can be acquired which can be used to make the marketing campaigns more fruitful. While it is not required for a marketing expert to be a professional data scientist, it is still necessary that they know the pros and cons of the analytics platforms that they use for their business. They should also gather more information about the analytics platforms that are used by their clients. For instance, an SEO services company that mainly works within the ecommerce sector can gather valuable input about the way their services have impacted the business KPIs of the clients, apart from the SEO rankings that they have generated.

HTML/CSS : Writing sales pages and blog posts form a major part of many marketing campaigns. Therefore it is necessary to learn about HTML as it is certainly going to expedite the whole process of putting that content on the targeted website and make it look good. Moreover, being able to make use of HTML/CSS makes it all the more easier for the teams within the marketing firm to communicate with each other. In fact, even most marketers feel that although many of them do not have to write code on a regular basis, understanding all the basics of HTML makes it so much easier to carry out the conversations across teams.

SEO : Although there are a number of experts who believe that SEO is more or less dead, this could not be more wrong for the marketers. Statistics reveal that organic search results tend to be more powerful in bringing the desired results than the paid adverts. This is particularly so if the websites are able to secure their rankings in the first pages of the search engines. It is also estimated that about 40% of the customers find the brands and companies that they are looking for through effective search.

That being said, the bet SEO practices are constantly going through a change and so are the search algorithms. In fact, the search algorithms have gone through a lot of evolution in the recent times. This makes it necessary that SEO firms keep on constantly updating and refining their methods. Due to this reason, business companies prefer to work with a dedicated SEO professional or a team who can provide them with such services instead of having a group of general marketing professionals capable of delivering some SEO expertise. Nevertheless, it is always good for a digital marketer to learn all the basic tenets of SEO and use them effectively in their own promotional campaigns.

Content Management Systems like WordPress : For most standard business firms looking to create a strong impact in the online world, it is necessary to post blogs and publish content on a regular basis. Due to this reason, it is necessary as a marketing expert to learn their way around content management systems such as WordPress. WordPress is among the most extensively used content management systems in the world and it has been evaluated that almost 27% of the whole Internet or about 16 million sites are based on this platform. The platform also offers excellent SEO features which is why digital marketers love to work with WordPress. Therefore, it always helps to choose WordPress for developing content and publishing it online. The best part of using a CMS program is that once a marketer learns how to use a CMS, it is not that difficult to work with another similar program.

Video : Most online video marketing experts agree to the fact that live video is going to be the future of digital marketing field. This is particularly valid for live video, which is becoming all the more prevalent. New technologies and features are being introduced everyday that would make the whole experience of live video a great one for the end users. While this trend was observed in 2016 with almost all major social networking sites, this is going to take precedence for the marketing experts in 2017 and the coming years with greater intensity. Brands are now using creative video content to communicate more effectively and easily with their target customers. Marketing directors from a number of reputed service providing firms believe that not only it is important to know about the various ways in which video can be used for marketing but it is also necessary to master the techniques associated with scripting, shooting as well as editing videos for various social media sites like FaceBook, Snapchat and Twitter. While it is rather simple to learn about these techniques and can be done so even on simple smartphones, this knowledge can surely help to grasp the advanced aspects of creating videos for effective marketing purposes.

The marketing experts also consider that live streaming videos can be beneficial to marketing campaigns in more ways than one. Due to this reason, it is necessary to plan and create the content for the videos in a careful manner so that it has maximum effect on the minds of the target audience. Audiences are likely to spend more and more time with the live video. They are more willing to come and show up, take part in and join the conversations held on social media sites with greater frequency than with standard blog content or video on demand (VOD).

However, the truth with video marketing is that the technology used for this purpose still needs to be improved a lot in order to make live videos more exciting and interesting. The content of the live videos should be compelling and polished. In the last year, numerous brands actually tried to make a strong impression on the minds of their target audiences by using the video marketing techniques. However, most of these audiences on FaceBook were not actually camera ready. This often led to disastrous results and the marketing campaigns were hardly able to produce the effects that they were originally meant to. The marketers and publishing experts must be sure that they are ready to come up with high quality live video feed for their audiences in 2017. This should include everything from on-screen talents to cutting edge equipments. As creating video content becomes the mainstream practice in the world of content marketing, companies that are capable to produce only the best quality live videos will be able to stand out.

UX/Basic Design Skills : Even though most companies offering digital marketing services generally have their very own design teams, it is still important for marketers to know the basic design principles. By knowing the basic design skills, it is possible for a marketer to create mockups for a landing page, Photoshop a shareable image or even create a theme for a particular site. Mastering these design skills can greatly enhance the value of an individual marketing expert.

While experienced marketing experts believe that it is not necessary for average marketers to learn in great detail about how to use programs such as Axure, Visio or UXPin, they should still be able to come up with a sketch for a digital customer experience meant for standard websites. Whether it is done by using whiteboard and marker, a paper and a pen or a software, it can only help the marketers to further their influence as well as understanding for their clients and organization.

SQL : Digital marketing firms like Media Fx strongly recommend marketers to master the various aspects of SQL. Knowledge of SQL is related to making use of data for understanding the customers. It is also a powerful tool in its own right which can be used by marketers to impress their audiences. By knowing the skills for writing basic SQL and understanding the customer database, a professional marketer can greatly improve the results of his or her marketing campaigns. This ability naturally allows marketers the freedom to find out how their customers respond to the marketing campaigns, which in turn can help them to improve the quality of the product. As most basic SQL queries are quite easy to learn, a marketer who invests some time in it can help others to make quick decisions and also generate key insights that can lead to the development of marketing programs of greater efficiency.

While these skills can go a long way in improving the individual abilities of a marketer, it is suffice to say that marketers are not required to be aware of all the skills that are remotely linked to this trade. While they can certainly use a number of methods like SEO, social media, SEM, conversion optimization, front-end development, analytics and others, it can really help a lot by focusing on a single skill and then developing it considerably to a great extent.

How Word Press is the Best CMS Program for Digital Marketing

Technology Concept: Content Management Strategy Word Cloud

Word Press has evolved into one of the most user-friendly CMS systems in the world, with a large number of business owners choosing to use it when they need to create their own websites. The wide range of features and easy customization opportunities make Word Press one of the most preferred content management platforms which can be used for coming up with different types of unique websites and portals. One of the distinct benefits that are offered by Word Press is that it is also quite well suited for digital marketing purposes. In fact, companies offering digital marketing services strongly recommend using Word Press as it can be easily promoted online through various means, which can generate better ranking on SERPs and greater traffic rates. A professional SEO company like Media Fx can recommend effective solutions for a client that can help in superior brand development and widespread exposure.

Here are some of the types of digital marketing methods that can be implemented easily with a Word Press site.

Content Marketing

Since Word Press started as a content management system, it is the most effective tool in the market right now that aids in content marketing. Among the different types of digital marketing strategies that can be tried out by a company, content marketing is one of the most important ones as it helps to drive customer interest and makes him or her come back to the site regularly for further information. Business organizations can produce content that is useful to their target audience. This content can then be further promoted through social media channels so that they are read by more number of target users.

Content marketing also plays a crucial role when it comes to driving search engine visibility. This can be achieved by effective use of targeted short tail and long tail keywords and phrases within the content. Well-written content with the most searched keywords can increase the value of a site to the target audience. Such value can help in building backlinks or links that revert back to the site through social sharing as well as other mentions. Such factors make Word Press an ideal CMS program for content marketing. The Word Press tool has been refined and upgraded over the years so that it offers robust performance as a blogging site and content management system. Numerous new features have been added to it in its later versions that have made it a perfect system for creating, editing and posting website content.

Utility Marketing

Utility Marketing or utility content marketing is a relatively new concept in the world of digital marketing services. Basically, it means coming up with content that will be useful to the target audience. In order to create such content, a business firm needs to spend more time with the target audience, develop an understanding of what they want or what they are looking for and create content that perfectly caters to their diverse needs. The content can come in different forms, such as written text, images or videos, but they should solve a purpose for which the target customer is visiting the site. Taking the following steps can develop utility content:

• Developing buyer personas
• Taking an inventory of the existing content
• Determining the content team
• Developing a content plan by assigning different forms and types of content to the personas
• Map the content to various channels, like social, mobile, desktop and email
• Checking stats regularly and adjusting the content as needed

Word Press presents a wide range of tools that can make it an effective utility marketing system. Although Word Press does not function like iMIS or other Association Management Systems, Word Press can certainly present users with a wide range of plugins that can help site owners to manage most of their membership needs. Word Press also comes with an iMIS plug-in of its own. These plugins can be used for managing large number of members, schedule events, offer payments, sell merchandise and carry out other important tasks. Both medium sized businesses as well as large corporations can benefit greatly by using these features as they can help in developing a loyal customer following. By using the plugins along with a well-developed digital marketing strategy, business organizations can easily turn their websites into portals from where their clients and members can access vital information.

Community Building

Word Press offers a number of functional tools that can be used by business owners for building community hubs for clients, members and all those who form the target audience for the business firms. This can naturally help business companies to create a loyal community, the members of which can share and discuss the content, merchandise and events that are presented on the official websites of the business owners.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process through which a site is optimized for the search engines. A professional SEO company can optimize the business site as well as all the links associated with it so that Google considers them valuable and important based on certain high searched keywords and phrases. The tools and features that are included in Word Press make it extremely effective for SEO purposes.

• By using Yoast and other similar plugins, one can easily evaluate the SEO elements and strength of a site’s page or even customize the META description and page title.
• Word Press eradicates the scope of any content bottlenecks so that content can be updated more frequently. This can help in improving SERP rankings.
• Word Press makes it possible for a site owner to have a dedicated team of content developers and editors working for the site. This means that the team is invested to make the site a success.

Therefore they can edit or tweak the content in any way necessary to make sure that the site always enjoys good ranking in the SERPs.

Increasing Conversions

While on page and off page SEO tactics can help to bring traffic to a website and generate leads, it is also necessary to convert this traffic into sales so that the desired revenue can be earned. Conversion is a process that is necessary to drive sales and take the business to higher levels of success. Unless sales are generated through the content and the SEO strategies used, it is ultimately of no use. Word Press is a highly effective CMS program when it comes to generating sales conversions. It comes with numerous features that allow site owners to see which of their content gets the maximum likes, comments, visits and shares. The site owners can then change or alter the poor content and highlight and expand the good content.

Word Press also allows users to track which of their call to action messages can deliver the expected results and which ones do not. In this way, they can take necessary steps of action to modify the call to action messages so that they generate more leads and sales. With Word Press, the site owners can experiment with different types of call to action messages and offers. It also offers the business management to make effective decisions on the content as well as the call to action message by trying out different options that yield better results.

The web designing and development firm that is working on a website can come up with stylized calls to action links and callouts such as boxes and buttons. There are also a number of plugins available which can make it easier for the developer to create easily editable call to action boxes.

Responsive Web Designing

Since a large number of people nowadays choose to browse the internet in their mobile devices, it has become important for a site to be designed in a responsive manner. This means that the site should be designed in such a way that it responds appropriately to different types of screen sizes. Web designers love to work on Word Press websites as they can be easily modified into responsive websites. A site that is made by using Word Press CMS system is light, easy to load and can be responsively designed so as to ensure easy browsing for the end users. This naturally improves its ranking in the Google’s pages as Google has already announced that it is going to favor websites that are built for better browsing on smartphones.

Agile Marketing

Agile marketing indicates towards the flexibility that a digital marketing firm has when it comes to deciding on the marketing and promotions of a given site. While at one point of time, the marketing team needed to work closely with the design and development team in order to take important SEO and online marketing decisions, agile marketing would help the marketing team to implement online marketing features to their Word Press website as and when they feel like. This is certainly going to be more important in 2017 and the coming years. The latest version of Word Press is already equipped with a number of features that would make agile marketing a lot easier and feasible.

These factors that are discussed above make Word Press a highly convenient CMS system in terms of online marketing needs. An experienced digital marketing company like Media Fx can come up with effective solutions for their clients that can help in taking their business to greater heights. By taking into consideration the specific needs of the business firm, the digital marketing company can provide with customized solutions that offer better online ranking and greater popularity and acceptance with the target audience. Such services can also help a company to develop a loyal fan following that can help in further growth of business prospects.

How to Get Started with an Online Retail Business in 2017?

Young woman using touch screen device for online shopping

Online businesses are very much the in-thing nowadays with many people setting up their own stores to sell unique or mass produced items and rake in the profits. Having an online business is a great way to be self sufficient as it offers excellent opportunities to earn. However, just like with any other business, it is necessary that you follow the most effective methods to set up your online store so that it produces the maximum returns. You should also implement the best web design services to make sure that the online site is user friendly enough to encourage maximum number of visitors on a daily basis. An experienced web designing and SEO firm like Media Fx can help you with your needs.

Set up a Business Plan: Before you start your online store business, you will need to come up with an effective plan that will help you to decide about the framework and roadmap needed to ensure its success. You should think about the design and manufacturing of the products, the funding that you will need and the methods that you will use to promote your business.

Choose the Structure of your Online Business: Once you are all set with your business plan, you will have to decide on the business structure that will be most suitable for your company. You can start by considering the tax requirements and benefits of the type of business that you want to be involved in. After deciding on this prerequisite, you will need to arrange for all the associated paperwork and get them properly signed and attested. You will also have to make the name of your business firm legal. After you are don with all of these procedures, it is time to get your business established in the online platform.


Choose the Products that your Online Business is going to Deal with: You can either choose to produce the items all by yourself or sell products that already have been made by another manufacturer. In either case, you will need to decide beforehand the products that you want to deal with. You will also have to arrange for suppliers or drop shippers and delivery personnel who will handle the products on a daily basis and make sure that they reach the customers in time.

Get Bar Codes for all your Products: In order to sell the products to your customers via your online store, you will need to get their UPC bar codes. You will need to have separate barcodes for all of your products. There are a number of sources from where you can easily buy barcodes online. A good way to proceed about this is to get bulk amounts of barcodes at discounted prices from specific service providers.

Build Inventory: After you have decided on the type of products that you are going to deal in, you will have to set up a well sized inventory of your products. Having an inventory is crucial whether you are only working with an ecommerce online platform or have a registered physical location for your business as well. If you have a number of backlogged orders, then it can certainly have an adverse effect on your business. Apart from working on your inventory, you will also need to decide about storage space. You can either get a registered warehouse for your own business or get in touch with companies who can provide you rented warehouse services at affordable rates. These companies can also get your products delivered as and when you require them to do so.

Choose your Site’s Domain Name and Ecommerce Platform: When you want to set up your business website, you will need to get in touch with a hosting service provider, have a registered domain name for your business and get server support for it. Since you will be launching an ecommerce platform, it would be good if you have a dedicated server for it as that can ensure fast browsing experience for your customers. If you are looking for someone who can guide you about these technical matters, then there is a number of consulting service providers that you can get in touch with.

You will also have to choose an ecommerce platform through which you can develop your own ecommerce website. Some of the most popular ecommerce development platforms are Shopify, Magento, Wix E-Commerce and Big Commerce. Choosing these programs can help you in more ways than one and they also allow their users to purchase unique domain names, apart from providing with all the tools needed to set up an ecommerce website from scratch.

Build your Unique Ecommerce Site: After you have decided on the basic technical requirements of your website, you will have to get in touch with a company who can design your ecommerce website for you. There are many companies like Media Fx who can provide you with customized web design services for the specific needs of your business. The design aspect of your ecommerce site is particularly important as it is sorely based on this that users will want to visit your website. If your site is not well designed, then you will likely lose on prospective customers. The design of your ecommerce site should be attractive and unique while being soothing at the same time. Moreover, it should be user-friendly and easily navigable. The site should be also responsively designed so that it responds well whether it is viewed on a desktop, a smartphone or a tablet device.

Set up your Store’s Shopping Cart: Every online ecommerce business should have a well-developed shopping cart, which aids in the actual process of buying. When you are looking to set up the shopping cart for your own ecommerce platform, there are a number of hosted software programs that you can choose from in order to make sure that it working perfectly. If you opt for a self-hosted software, you may actually drive certain potential customers away as they may not be sure of the kind of security that you are providing for them. Security is always a major factor when it comes to an online shopping site. You will also need to arrange for a safe payment gateway that can help you to carry out all transactions in a secure manner. Also, make sure that the official website address of your store starts with https instead of http as in case of the former all the information exchanged are encrypted while the later one does not provide any such encryption. This makes https a more secure protocol.

Marketing and Promotions: In order to make your ecommerce platform a major success, you will need to invest in the right kind of marketing and promotions that will encourage more number of visitors to check out your products regularly. This will naturally increase the number of sales conversions for your site which can result in higher ROI. To do this, you need to make use of the best quality digital marketing services. A company that can provide you with customized digital marketing services can help you to plan your growth in a systematic manner and allow you to make the most of your resources. Some of the methods that you can make use of in order to promote your ecommerce business include SEO, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing and PPC marketing. Each of these methods is effective in their own ways to bring in greater traffic to your site. When used in the best manner, they can actually get your business promoted to maximum number of people in the shortest possible time. These methods can also establish your company as a major ecommerce brand.

Running the Business: Once you have taken care of all of the above, you need to make sure that your website is always up and running smoothly so that your buyers do not have any problems visiting your site and carrying out purchases as and when they want to. In order to make sure that your business website is working smoothly, you need to have a technical team working for it at all times so that any issues are rectified at the shortest possible time as and when they arise. You will also need to fix bugs and remove glitches by carrying out inspections from time to time. Another important aspect of maintaining your business website is managing the inventory of your company; get the product catalogs updated with new products and removing old posts and offers. You will also need to change the design of your site from time to time for making it look interesting to your customers. It has also been found that sites that teak their design features tend to rank higher in the SERPs than those who maintain the same type of web design year after year. You will also have to provide your customers with special offers and seasonal discounts so that they may feel the need to visit your ecommerce portal at regular intervals.

Managing Customer Service: Customer service is an important part of any ecommerce business, since the customers hardly ever see the people with whom they are carrying out the transactions. The customers may have their grievances relating to certain products. They may also have doubts and concerns regarding the items they buy or the membership that they have with your ecommerce store. To get their issues resolved and make sure that they are satisfied with your products and services, you should arrange for a 24/7 customer service personnel that is helpful, polite, well informed and up to the task of helping your customers with their needs.

How can I set up an Online Business in 2017?


Are you looking to become financially independent and attain a greater sense of professional self worth? Then one of the best ways to do so would be to start an online business. The internet has brought on a wider range of scopes for anyone looking to establish their business and provided that you follow the steps necessary to become successful, you will have no dearth of customers looking for the products that your company has to offer. In fact, the internet has certainly made it easier for companies to have ready access to a wider customer base than it was ever possible in the real world. This has already encouraged many young entrepreneurs in India to set up their own online businesses. This trend has been steadily growing for the last few years and we can surely expect a number of new enterprises seeing the light of day in 2017.

In many ways, getting started with an online business enterprise is quite similar to opening a traditional brick and mortar store. You will need to plan your business effectively, arrange your funding, develop your unique product and start working on the production and advertising processes. You will also need to hire the expertise of a SEO company India like Media Fx in order to promote your business to potential customers. However, there are certain unique elements of running a specifically online business and any entrepreneur looking to achieve success in this field needs to learn about them well enough before starting.

Various types and forms of online businesses

As a person looking to start up your own online business, you must learn everything you can about the different types of online businesses that you can try out. While there are a number of different types of online businesses, which one would be best for you will depend on the type of products that your business is dealing with.

E-commerce sites

E-commerce sites represent the most direct forms of online businesses that you can start for the products that you are looking to deal with. By having a self hosted e-commerce portal, you can sell your services and products to your customers directly without having any go-between channels. One of the best things about choosing to setup an e-commerce site is that it offers you a far greater extent of control than you will have when you choose indirect means of online business. You can customize practically all aspects of your own e-commerce business website, whether it is about deciding on the overall look of your store or the way all of your products are neatly arranged in the catalog. Nevertheless, you also need to remember that having greater number of options can also make the whole process of setting up your online e-commerce site much more complex.

While setting up your own e-commerce site, you should focus on presenting your customers with the ultimate user experience so that they visit your site regularly. Make sure that you choose the right kind of web design so that it allows your users to navigate through the site and its features easily. It is also important that you choose your website’s shopping cart software wisely so that it suits the nature of your business.

The eBay stores

Plenty of people choose to set up their own eBay stores which offer indirect methods to carry on an online business. While an eBay store comes with its own advantages, it still has a number of downsides. When you choose eBay, you do not have to develop your own website, choose a well suited shopping cart software program or customize your online business store. Simply by choosing to set up your business with eBay, you get to have all of those benefits as a package deal. However, it also means that your customers will need to interact with the eBay storefront when they are looking to buy products from you. You will also have much less control when it comes to deciding on the general visual layout and the features of your store. This can work out well or even worse for you, which may depend on the general nature of your business.

With eBay, you can offer both handcrafted as well as resale products to your customers. However, there are also a number of items that you cannot offer on eBay, and you need to learn about them beforehand prior to deciding whether eBay is the right choice for your business.

The Etsy stores

The Etsy store is a very popular choice when it comes to setting up an online business with fewer hassles. Setting up an Etsy store is quite easy and its format remains more or less similar from one store to the other. However, unlike eBay, Etsy offers its users the opportunity to customize their layout to a certain degree. Every customer looking to buy products will need to do so through the main Etsy interface which means that all businesses will have a common platform. Getting an online business website up and running through Etsy is practically minimal. Depending on the level of control that you wish to have over your site, this can either be a good or a bad thing.

Nevertheless, the most important thing that you need to remember while choosing Etsy for your business is that it is a site that is particularly meant for the creative business professionals. This means that the site mainly focuses on different types of handmade items. So if you intend to sell different types of handcrafted goods, develop and sell your unique art or resell vintage items, Etsy can be the best platform for your business. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell mass produced items, then Etsy is certainly not for you. Although recently Etsy has made it quite clear that even if they do allow their product sellers to partner with the outside business enterprises to develop their products, they certainly do not intend to allow mass-produced goods on their site.

Service oriented online businesses

If you are looking to set up an online business that mainly offers specific types of services instead of products, then you will still need to set up an online platform for your business enterprise. This is especially true if you are looking to accept payments from customers through your website. You can use a simple shopping cart software to create your own web portal that can perfectly fit the requirements of your specific business. Alternately, you can also choose websites that offer different types of service providers to showcase their own business.

A website screen promises to instruct you on how to set up and launch your own web presence for your internet business in order to generate traffic and drive sales

Steps for starting your own online business:

Plan your business – Every business needs a basic plan and your online enterprise is no different. Before you launch your online business, you should carry out a comprehensive planning process that should include complete market analysis; things that you will need to do for funding production as well as a SWOT analysis for beginning your planning process.

Write down your business plan – After you have done some basic planning for your online business, you need to write down your business plan. It is better that you stick to a rather lean business plan, unless you are planning to ask a bank or an investor for funding your enterprise. A lean business plan is easier and quicker to write and can perfectly summarize your goals down to the basic essentials.

Get your own registered domain name and work to set up your online business – If you want to create your very own online business website, you will need to come up with a unique domain name that perfectly describes your business. You will also need to hire a secure server for launching your online business so that your customers can have a comfortable experience while browsing your site. After you have secured these basic requirements, it is time to set up your own business website. You can either hire an outsourcing professional to do it for you or even opt for a DIY project.

Make your online business legal – You will need to make your business website legal in order to carry on all transactions and dealings with customers and clients. Although some of the considerations applicable for traditional brick and mortar enterprises are also applicable for an online business, there are some things to consider that are particularly meant for online businesses only.

Get all updated information on the online business regulations – Online business enterprises and their actions are modulated and overseen by online business law. Such laws take into consideration the use and distribution of personal information of your customers and also involve a number of intellectual property regulations and privacy matters.

Learn about the online business rules associated with your country and state – Every country and state has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to setting up an online business. Such rules also cover taxation of a business and other obligatory payments. You should be well aware of the rules that are applicable in the country and state that your business will be registered in.

Learn everything about tax regulations – When you set up an online business, you may need to pay different types of taxes such as income tax. Make sure that you learn everything you need to know about tax regulations in your country that would be applicable for your online business.

Once you are done with the basic legal and formal aspects of setting up your business, it is time for you to develop your online presence.

Pick Your Market

One of the first things that you will need to do when you set up your own online business is determine the kind of business it is going to be. This means that you will have to decide whether you want to sell products or offer specific types of services. If you want to deal in products, you will also have to consider whether you want to develop your own products or offer products that are made by other manufacturers. Based on such decisions, you will have to focus on your specific market niche.

Build Your Website

After you have decided on the products or services that you will be offering, you will need to set up your own business website. As there is a lot of tough competition in the online business scenario, you will need to come up with a website that is unique, well designed and provides you with an edge over your competitors. One of the most important steps that you need to take at this stage is decide on the ecommerce development software platform that you will be using for your business. Different software platforms come with their unique advantages and shortcomings, so you will have to do a thorough market research before you make this all-important decision. You will then need to hire a team of web designing and development professionals who can work on your online business site.

Get your target customers to visit your website

Setting up your online business is not enough; you will need to have customers visiting it regularly so that they can push your sales figures high and provide you with the financial returns that you are looking for. This is something that can only be attained by having effective online marketing strategies in place. An SEO services company can be of great help to bring your site the online traffic that it deserves. A professional SEO company India is well versed with different types of optimization techniques that can provide you with the desired results. They can also come up with innovative methods to promote your business in various search engines and the social media.

Develop a detailed and comprehensive customer list

More often than not, your website visitors are going to simply browse through your online business platform when they visit it for the first time. They are hardly going to make any purchasing decision when they browse through your products at the initial stages. In fact, they may even choose not to return to your website again in the near future. However, you can increase your sales conversions by effectively launching email marketing campaigns that cater to the needs of these customers. Make sure that you use an email capture form to get the contact details of your customers. You can then note the browsing habits of your customers and send them targeted emails based on their product preferences.

Furthermore, your emails can always keep them notified about the latest product launches as well as any new offers or discounts that are currently available. Such news will increase your sales figures over time.

You can also present your customers with free gifts and promotional products to encourage them to sign up with your website. This is going to help you in the future to promote your business further.

Provide great value

The content material that you put on your website as well as in your emails, blog posts and articles play a critical role in determining the success of your online business. Such content should have a strong selling potential. By always providing them with high quality content, you can capture the attention of your target audience and encourage them to spend their money in your products. As a business owner, you should always focus on providing customers with great value each and every time they visit your online site or make a purchase. Gradually, you can develop a strong fan following with your prospective customers and encourage them to spend more time in your site. They can also continue as your loyal customers and invest in your products for many years in future.

Provide your business website with a secure payment option

Since online payments will form a critical aspect of your business, you need to make sure that your online ecommerce site has a highly secure payment gateway that offers completely secure payment options to your customers. This is going to encourage your customers to invest in the products that you have to offer in your website.

Make sure that your online business website is user-friendly

One of the most critical aspects of designing a website for an online business is its user-friendliness. Your customers will hardly think twice before switching to a site of your competition if your site is not user-friendly. Therefore you need to make sure that your site loads easily in all devices, including laptops, desktops and smartphones. Moreover, since most people nowadays make use of their smartphones to browse through products and make purchasing decisions, you should focus on making use of responsive web designing practices as it ensures optimum browsing experience for your customers. Additionally, you should also focus on creating an official app for your online business that will allow your customers to interact directly with your business. Once you are done with the web and app platforms of your business, you can consult an SEO services provider like Media Fx on how to best optimize them for ensuring maximum traffic for your business.

New Trends of SEO Usher as Backlinks Decline in Their Importance

Searching Engine Optimizing SEO Browsing Concept

Over the last year or so, there have been some interesting trends observed in the sphere of search engine optimization. While the dynamic SEO industry has been going on through some important changes in the recent times, there have also been some consistent trends such as content production and relevance, general user intent, architectural and technical factors; user signals from the own product sets of Google and of course the backlinks. However, there has been a change of attitude when it comes to the backlinks. The top 10 SEO companies India have noticed that while the quantity and quality of links redirecting into the pages of a particular site from the other sites are still considered important, they certainly are not held with the same level of reverence as before. Depending on the type of the search query that is entered, the maximum search results might not have larger numbers of links associated with it than the other pages that have good ranking. Online marketing company Media Fx investigates the possible factors that have led to such changes.

One of the major factors that have influenced this changing perception about backlinks is the rising use of mobiles along with increased prevalence of app usage and social media sharing. These factors have changed linking behaviors that have been traditionally associated with desktop rankings and their values. While the backlinks still remain as a critical part of the search algorithms, they are now considered to be one of the multiple factors affecting search engine rankings and certainly not the principal driving force that pushes the webpages to the best Google rankings.

A number of studies have also been conducted to investigate such changing focus of the backlinks in the world of search engine optimization. One of the areas that have been studied by companies offering the best SEO services includes the related areas of content relevance as well as user intent. Considering the keywords used for carrying out specific searches and the personalization elements that are applied to them, Google may actually treat the intent for specific searches by different users to be different and unique and come up with unique search engine results. While Google has been stressing the importance for SEO companies to focus more on content creation and less on keyword usage, the crossover point for content relevance primacy and keyword dependence has not yet been felt, at least not until now. In fact, the keyword is no longer the most important factor when it comes to determining actual ranking for some search query. The analysis carried out by top 10 SEO companies India show that the quality and relevance of content are the primary driving forces that influence Google ranking.

Along with content marketing, companies offering best SEO services believe that they need to focus on a number of other technical factors that are going to influence ranking increasingly as time passes by. These factors include site speed, file size, internal linking, HTTPS hosting as well as mobile-friendliness. Experienced SEO firm Media Fx believes that apart from the all-important technical requirements, there is not going to be any specific benchmark values or factors that are going to universally affect SEO rankings as before. There are also going to be certain other factors that influence SEO rankings. For instance, websites that do well in SERPs are also likely to do well in social media ranking, and they are going to mutually influence each other. HTTPS encryption, which offers higher security features, will also increasingly become more important in the coming years.

What is the difference between HTTP & HTTPS?


HTTP and HTTPS are two different types of protocols that are often used in the fields of web browsing and digital marketing services. Many people get confused when they find two different types of URLs for the websites that they visit. There is a significant difference between these two different protocols. HTTP is a term that stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. Used for the purpose of networking, it serves as a system that is used for receiving and transmitting information across the server and a client browser. A server is a machine where the website code is based. HTTP effectively manages the mutual communication between the server and a client browser to exchange data or information successfully. While the first HTTP only made use of one method known as GET that would put a request for a page from the server and get the response as a HTML page, the latest HTTP version makes use of nine request methods.

In most cases, when you choose to visit a website, you can find that the web address begins with the prefix of HTTP://. This indicates that the browser is presently connected with the server through the HTTP protocol. However, it is to be kept in mind that the HTTP is not the best and safest way to create a connection. This is so because HTTP is quite vulnerable to hackers or cyber criminals who can penetrate through it and directly oversee the activities of the people browsing through a website. It is exactly here that the HTTPS protocol comes in that provides people with the security that they look for carrying out their online activities. The better security features of HTTPS protocol is the reason why most SEO services experts recommends using it for social media and ecommerce websites that have higher security requirements.

The HTTPS protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is made by combining 2 different protocols which offers a more secure method to access and browse the web. It is made by combining HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol. The SSL/TLS protocol ensures that everything that is shared over the HTTPS protocol is going to be delivered in an encrypted form which enhances its security. Since the communication is completely encrypted, people from outside are not going to know what data or information is being shared between the server and the client. This naturally presents a more secure platform for sending a request from the client to the server. Some of the websites that regularly use HTTPS protocol include banking websites, email clients, ecommerce sites, payment gateways as well as corporate sector websites.

In order to create an HTTPS connection, a public key with a signed certificate is needed for the server. The certificate may either come free of cost or may be priced at few dollars, depending on signing authority. The certificate may be distributed in yet another way. The site admin can create the certificate and load it in the client browser of the users. When a user requests for information to web server, the identity of the user can be easily verified. Such factors make HTTPS one of the most widely used protocols by companies offering SEO services, India.

With an HTTPS connection, the SSL certificate contains the code that is required by the client for deciphering the message hidden within the encrypted site. Through this method, the information that is contained therein cannot be read by an external agency or a hacker that gets into such sites looking for valuable data. It is due to this reason that HTTPS protocol is extensively used for sites that have enhanced security requirements.

4 Effective Ways To Build Backlinks For A Brand New Site


Building backlinks for a brand new site is one of the most effective ways to improve its ranking. However, there is always a lot of speculation about the strategies that one must take for building the backlinks. While purchasing social media bookmarks and directory links was once considered to be an effective method for linking, it is now a thing of the past and cannot produce the same kind of results anymore. As a professional SEO company, Media Fx recommends certain proven and result oriented backlinking strategies that can help in getting immediate traffic along with long-term search rankings.

1. Provide with something unique to your users-

When you are doing SEO for a new business, you need to remember that hardly anyone knows anything about the company. So even if the company has a lot to provide to buyers, people have little or no information about them. However, it is still possible to get attention from browsers who have little or no idea about the business and this can be done by effective link building. One of the ways that this can be done is by creating a nice photo gallery and then sending the link to the gallery to popular bloggers. A good way to proceed with this strategy is by developing a custom image gallery. You can also create tools within the site that helps in performing different types of important activities. Alternately, a great way to obtain backlinks is by doing research for others regarding a particular topic which can then fetch more visitors.

2. Analyze backlink building techniques used by industry competitors-

Plenty of companies offering digital marketing services in India simply choose to study the backlinking strategies that are used by companies belonging to the same niche market. So for instance, if your rival firm is using particular site for getting the backlinks, then you can also use it for obtaining your own backlinks. You can also use specialized tools that would help you to find optimum backlinks for a particular site. To use these tools, all you need to do is just use the database to search backlinks by putting in the domain name of the competitor that you want to study.

3. Look for forum links that have considerable value-

In most cases, forum links are really not worth your effort. However, if you can find popular threads on big forums, then those threads can be a good source of effective backlinks. Since these threads rank well in Google, any professional SEO Company would recommend its clients to work with them and improve the rankings of its pages greatly within a very short period of time.

4. Use guest posting for getting best links-

Guest posting is a highly effective way of creating smart content that can provide you with excellent backlinks for a site.

Following these methods above can help an SEO specialist to build better backlinks that would increase the number of visitors for a site within a short time. As a company offering state of the art digital marketing services in India, Media Fx has already evaluated the effectiveness of these strategies which makes them well suited for any kind of SEO planning.