Recent New Age Trends that’s Impacting B2B Content Marketing in 2017


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Content certainly is the king in this new age of web development and SEO! Your website shouldn’t just be a representation of your services but also a compact literature as to how it can add value to the lives of your target and potential customers. However, with the ongoing technological advancements and changing web patterns there are varying digital trends that can impact the B2B content marketing strategy for many companies in 2017. MediaFx being counted as one of the innovative SEO company India has encapsulated five core trends that start-up and other SEO companies need to pay heed to.

  1. Videos resulting in favourable ROI

It is very apparent that videos are becoming a vital element of sound content marketing strategy. According to a study conducted by the Firebrand Group, almost 85% of the marketers have witnessed a favourable ROI from video feeds. Video feeds are a crucial step that every strategic marketer must implement. Other than increased ROI, well managed video feeds have also generated brand awareness along with customer loyalty. Facebook live video feeds have been generating positive results for start-ups and other businesses.

  1. Video consumption has increased

Most digital marketers want to keep their web visitors completely engaged with the web content and other online features that are on offer. Other than benefiting in increased ROI, videos also are being consumed hugely by the prospective customers, random online viewers as well as the loyal customers of a concerned brand. When video posts are followed by news articles, research content as well as social media posts, content marketing reaches a progressive state. In the recent times, online users and viewers are probably scanning content today more than ever, hence both articles and blog posts need to be comprehensible and made interesting with a video content, which has the potential to grab maximum attention.

  1. Social media gains prominence for promoting content

Websites always had their team of experts that manage content dissemination. Latest trends highlight that social media has ranked high when it comes to content promotion. Most start-ups and progressive business brands have recognized social media as a crucial tool for content distribution as more and more people are becoming internet savvy and rely on the feeds circulated in social media. Hence, digital marketers should realize the target customer they want to touch base with as that will allow them to arrive at a sound social media content sharing strategy that will ensure customer engagement through likes, replies, shares or retweets on Facebook and Twitter, which are the two prominent social media networking sites.

  1. SEO best practices that go overlooked by the content marketers

When content is generated, it is essential for marketers to notice that they are abiding by the best practices of SEO that comprises of ALT tags and also averting any kind of copied content. The SEMrush that was released in July highlighted about 50% of the websites that encountered with replicated content and the remaining has been detected with ALT attributes missing. This data reflects that there are plenty of websites that have major issues regarding the content. Implementing the best practices of SEO will make sure that the content has a high rank that will make the website perform well and avert all kinds of penalties.

  1. The demand for customized content is high, especially from B2B buyers

Most B2B buyers in the recent times have revealed that the most crucial aspect of creating the content of a company website is to curate it in a way that directly highlights about the consumer needs.  Therefore, when SEO companies are developing their content it is essential to put the emphasis on content that’s original, easy to comprehend, crisp and verbalize the needs and perspectives of the buyer. Only then will it be able to connect with its buyers and add more value to a blog post, webinar, industry news articles and product videos.

Being an experienced service provider in content marketing and SEO solutions, MediaFx is always keeping a tab on the latest digital trends that impact the content marketing services and designs services in accordance with that, so that clients derive maximum benefits.


Essential content marketing services that content firms should provide

content marketing service

Ask any seasoned SEO expert and he or she will tell you that the efficiency of any SEO campaign lies in its content strategy. Without effective content, it is practically impossible to attract potential customers and hold on to their interest for long. Due to this reason, the content creation industry is always evolving and finding new ways to engage the audience. Blogs, articles, press releases, eBooks, infographics, case studies, videos, emails and social media messages are some of the forms of content that are used by companies to promote their online business. The majority of the inbound traffic is actually brought by well written and well developed content. So the task of a marketing agency is not only to use this methodology but also to encourage the clients that they do the same.
Professional content marketing experts do offer a range of expertise for their clients that in turn help their businesses to grow. According to Media FX, a leading SEO company India, a firm offering content marketing services should present clients with the following types of content marketing packages.

Content Strategy
Although many clients will want to get into content production as soon as possible, it is necessary to first come up with a well rounded content marketing strategy. This is not only going to help the content development firm to better understand the current content situation of the client firm but also the goals that they need to achieve. To develop a content strategy, the first thing that a company development firm needs to do is come up with a clear conception of the target customers for whom the content is to be produced. The existing content of the client website is to be audited as well in order to see whether they can be reformatted or repurposed to make them more relevant to the client’s marketing intentions. Finally, it is necessary to come up with a method for organizing all content created for the business. This can be done by building an editorial calendar for the client’s content marketing projects. The calendar is also going to help the firm to understand at what intervals contents like blog, email and social media should be posted.

Content Creation
It is necessary to create unique and effective content that will help the business to flourish in a highly competitive market. The kind of content that a company needs to create may vary with the industry or client, but most business firms will benefit from blogging, social media, email, and other forms of premium content creation. The type of content that needs to be created often depends on the nature and demographic of the target audience.

Content Optimization
It is not just enough to create good content for a business firm. To make sure that the target customers are being able to access the content when they are searching for relevant keywords, it is necessary to optimize the content for the search engines so that it can become visible to others. This is one of the most important parts of content services. Without proper optimization, the content will never be able to make the kind of impact that it is supposed to. According to Media FX, the leading SEO company India, content firms should invest most of their time and resources on perfecting this aspect of their services. Methods such as keyword research and implementation, SEO best practices, analytics for user behavior as well as competitive insight should be used for optimizing a content in the most effective manner. However, the trickiest thing about this is that there is no perfect way to optimize a content and the methods that work today might not do so tomorrow. Therefore the content development firm must always try to find out innovative ways of optimizing content.

Content promotion
Developing a content promotion strategy involves finding the right channels for promoting content. In order to make sure that target consumers get to see the content, it is necessary to opt for the best content promotion channels as this can save on money and time. One of the ways to do this is by analyzing the current channels used by the client. Understanding how competition firms achieve their promotional goals is yet another way to go about it. One can make use of social media and emails as well as the help of industry influencers to promote the site’s content. Such content marketing services can help to generate fast results.

11 Tools that will Save Your Time with Content Marketing

Top notch content marketing always takes plenty of time and earnest effort. However, some online marketers do manage to accomplish more results than others by spending less time. It is therefore no wonder that any marketing expert working with a professional SEO company would want to learn about such methods. Media Fx is one of the top 10 web design companies in India known for offering quality content marketing services to various business firms. The experts with this firm present a list of fine tools that would help a marketer to achieve more by spending less time and effort.

1. Feedly

Feedly is an RSS reader that allows you compile blogs posted at different sites and present them in a single place for you to go through them. This saves much time for you as you do not have to visit individual sites and look for blogs associated with a specific topic.


2. TrendSpottr

TrendSpottr can help you to catch the latest trends in content, phrases, hashtags and influencers before others get to use them. It not only provides you with an edge over your competitors but allows you to create unique content that can then be followed by others. Most of the top 10 web design companies in India love to work with TrendSpottr.



Images form an important part of any content strategy. Good images can greatly enhance the value of an ordinary content. is an application that can help users to create attractive infographics within a short time.


4. Canva

Canva is another useful tool that allows users to create excellent images without using the help of designers. It is ideal for producing small images that can be used with blog posts and social media posts. Canva has multiple templates to work with that helps in creating customized images.


5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an excellent written content editor that allows in removing mistakes and improving the quality of the content.


6. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is a Chrome plugin that helps in blocking distracting websites. Users can choose the sites personally that they want blocked.


7. Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer is a time management tool that helps a marketer to enhance productivity by managing time efficiently.


8. Trello

Trello is a tool that allows content marketers to organize their projects efficiently. It allows them to work with boards and cards that allow them to schedule content-related tasks, add reminders and perform other functions that enable them to perform their work in an organized manner.


9. is an efficient marketing tool that allows users to streamline the process of content management and promotion.


10. Buffer

Buffer helps marketers to promote their content on social media by managing all types of social media accounts under a single platform. It also helps in scheduling posts so that they are published automatically at the pre-decided time.


11. is a tool that allows marketers to connect with people on Twitter based on the keywords that are entered.

Using these tools as recommended by Media Fx, a leading professional SEO company in Kolkata one can easily reduce their efforts and time while at the same time come up with better content marketing results.

SEO Content Writing Paves The Way To Reach The Peak.

SEO Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content writing is the hottest avatar of advertising in this era of digital marketing. To put it simply, it is the endeavor by the content marketing firms to ensure that your website gets top visibility on search engines like Google and Yahoo and therefore getsvisited by maximum web users. This task requires proficiency. Many content marketing companies in India have mushroomed over a short span of time for the new generation entrepreneurs who are all geared up to go multi-media to get their products and services reach the teeming million netizens out there. Media Fx has a proven track record of being one of the best content marketing agency in India.

Content writing is fast becoming a genre in itself. Content marketing services provides must adhere to specific pointerswhile writing meaningful content acceptable by search engines like Google and Yahoo. Firstly the content must be original; plagiarisms are dealt with very strictly. Secondly the key words must be used strategically. You must be adept at using keywords optimally so that you get most hits with the search words. But in the end that is not the main criterion; the quality of your content should be of value to the user;you cannot upload poor quality content and fill in key words strategically.This way you will not only run the risk of being penalized but you will have dissatisfied the search engines and also your target.

Content marketing firms have a dual challenge to get your website to rank from among the millions and millions of content writings that are uploaded and also to create comprehensive content for the end user.It must understand the preference of its target audience. For example if your target audience is the business executives then it is a good idea to make pdf files; if the audience are students you would prefer more PPP(Power Point Presentation) files or video files. Site speed is likewise significant. Viewers are impatient and a significant percentage of viewers will quit your website if it fails to load within 3 seconds. Content marketing firms must ensure that the website gets loaded under 3 seconds. Headlines play a vital role in this clicking game. A brilliant content can be simply overlooked because of an average headline. A best bet for headlines should be a numerical (like 5 ways to… , 10 things you should…)followed by anexplicit message.

Content marketing is all out to take the world of advertising and marketing to different heights. The response got through SEO content writing is hitherto unparalleled. The ‘hits’ and the ‘likes’ reveal it all unambiguously. The key to optimal utilization of this new media trend is to find the right content marketing firm. Media Fx, has the reputation of hiring the best content writers world-wide so that the articles are culture-specific, genre-specific, product-specific, just perfect according your business requirements. Our single-minded dedication to create top-quality content makes us the most sought out content marketing firm in India.

Content Marketing How Much Helpful For SEO

Content Marketing

In the recent times, content marketing has been proven as one of the most effective ways to drive traffic into the websites. More companies are realizing the importance of investing in top notch content development strategies such as those provided by Media Fx that would in turn improve the ranking of a website in the search engine result pages. When site visitors browse through the search engines looking for something, they are actually looking for information relevant to their searches. A site that has well written content can generate customer interest as the site visitor will spend more time in looking through the website pages and learn about what it has to offer.

Every business organization wants to appeal to its target customers. While the online world opens a lot of avenues for business firms to expand its customer base, there is still a lot of competition among companies belonging to the same market niche for drawing the attention of prospective customers. Due to this reason, a business firm should have certain elements in its website that would enable it to stand apart from the rest. This would eventually allow it to draw more traffic and increase its potential to score more sales. Having well written content by the best SEO services would therefore help a business firm to achieve this goal with ease.

Content marketing is far more effective than other forms of marketing due to the fact that it is a non-intrusive way of promoting a company as well as its products and services. When a keyword rich content is published in a website, it is easily found by a prospective buyer who is looking to buy that product or at least know more about it. By reading or going through that content, the site visitor can make important purchase decisions that would then benefit the company that it is targeted to. In this way it is possible to increase the number of sales scored by a company within a limited time period without creating loud promotional campaigns.

Companies prefer to use the expertise of expert SEO services because of another important reason. The SEO Content Marketing Services offered by these companies allow a business firm to promote its brand at very cost effective rates. While creating a major television advertisement would certainly cost a large sum of money, investing in content marketing is a more practical choice as it allows a company to have the same kind of market exposure at much lower costs. It is for this reason that more companies are now choosing to expand their market potential with the help on effective content marketing strategies.

Apart from written content that is produced by Media Fx, one can also use a wide range of other content features as well, such as video content, webinars, reviews as well as Q&A sections. All of these separate contents can be used together to produce the desired results. The different types of content ultimately work together to create a positive impression about a certain product or service which then propel the buyer to invest in it.