Top 5 Digital Marketing Errors Not to Commit

digital marketing mistakes

Digital marketing has taken a quantum leap! Whether it is a start-up business or an established business house launching yet another promising service or product, the scope of digital marketing services to add to product/service awareness, brand recall and ultimately online profits cannot be overlooked at all.

However, there are times when we see digital marketers and even business owners taking their try in online marketing, making some fatal mistakes. Though the list is huge, here are 5 mistakes that you must avert.

1. Don’t plunge ahead without setting clear-cut campaign goals: One of the terrible mistakes digital marketers make does not have clarity on analytics objectives in order to start the campaign. To be able to determine the success of a digital marketing campaign, it is essential to set clear objectives, such as sign-ups, PDF downloads, calls, form completions and so on. You also need to ensure that the analytics tracking is done effectively for all these objectives. When you lack quantifiable objectives, it becomes indeed a challenge to evaluate the ROI or even evaluate the net benefit a campaign on a service/product sale. Hence, it’s imperative to outline and communicate goals and also establish perspectives from the earlier campaigns into the planning process for future campaigns.

2. Failing to undertake a customer or user-based mindset: Marketing has a vital role to play in attracting, converting, involving and ultimately retaining your customers. This is the reason why a customer based mindset is essential. When you make use of targeting, personalization, data analysis, journey mapping you have the chance to offer a more personalized brand experience that offers greater value to customers and help you retain them.

3. Failing the target the correct audience: Even if your brand is developing great content, they won’t be of good use if you are failing to target the correct target customer mix. Hence, before you start with your content, it is essential to have a consumer group identified so that you can shape your content accordingly and share it with the same group and keep a track of feedback and reviews, which will help in better engagement of customers and online viewers and also help you devise better brand literature. Alternatively, it will also help you get noticed and people will know the target customers that your brand specifically caters to. It is vital to take your social targeting a notch above the gender, education, age and opt-in for topical aspects that will help you cater better to your clients.

4. Purchasing social media followers: Sometimes the main objective of a successful digital marketing campaign might appear to generate a greater number of followers as well as fans from the social media accounts. After all, more followers translate more social sharing of your posts, more likes, more retweets which in turn makes your brand more popular. However, buying followers for this purpose is not the solution. You need followers who are genuinely interested in your brand than having a high follower number, which is just a big figure which isn’t functional.

5. To overlook email marketing: In the recent times, social networking and mobile have been identified as popular channels of marketing. However, this shouldn’t make you overlook the traditional and tried and tested email marketing. As the lines between marketing, service, and sales dim, it is email marketing that stays as a connecting dot. Based on a research done by MarketingSherpa, it was found that about 91 % of U.S adults have reported that they prefer promotional emails from the brands they are engaged in a business or have purchased products or placed a service request. About 81% of this percentage said that they would love to hear from them on a weekly basis, which makes it a perfect platform to draft your emails thoughtfully and have it send to your client list. This means, along with other online marketing tools, it is essential for you to keep the focus on email marketing as well.

Hence, if you want your digital marketing services to work for you, then it is essential to be cautious and stop avoid making these 5 mistakes if you have done unknowingly. This will boost the health of your digital marketing campaigns and help you earn more profit.


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