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7 Top Tips To Choose The Best Web Development Agency For Your Business Needs

Best Web Development Agency for Your Business Needs

Looking to launch your online business and leaving a strong mark in the market? Then you should contact a reliable web designing and web development company who can also provide you with efficient SEO and online marketing services. A professional SEO company in Kolkata like Media Fx can present you with services that are beneficial for the specific nature of your business. Here are some guidelines on how to choose a web development company that can provide you with top notch services.

• Many times clients hardly have much idea as to what they want with their web development projects. This not only makes it somewhat difficult for the service provider to work on the project but also adds an additional burden for them to come up with an efficient web development strategy fully on their own. It is always better to have a clear idea of what you want from your web development project so that it becomes easier to implement necessary online marketing tools like SEO. It will not only help you to save on time and effort but also a lot of money in the process.

• Choose a web development firm based on solid credentials. There are a number of things that you can check out for when you are trying to find a service provider suited for your project. This includes the number of clients that they have already worked with, how long do they take to complete a project, whether they have appropriate communication methods or not and the cost required for specific projects.

• The work culture of your service provider can greatly determine what you can expect from them. Many web development companies simply get some outsourcing company to do the work for them. This ultimately leads you to have a poor quality website that hardly matches your expectations. Hence you should always find out from the beginning whether they are working on it themselves or are planning to outsource the whole project. Your service provider should also be able to provide you with necessary technical support and assistance after the completion of the project.

• The web development company that you choose to work on your project should be highly knowledgeable about the various aspects of website designing, development and online marketing. It should also have an efficient customer service that offers smooth lines of communication with the development team at all times.

• The development team should be able to provide you with testimonials of their work that prove their effectiveness. You can get in touch with a number of their present and previous clients to have a better idea of their performance. The company that you are looking to hire should maintain transparency at all levels and have nothing to hide.

• After you have gone through their references, you should examine their work portfolios and see what kind of web development patterns and web designs they can offer and whether they are in sync with your personal needs. Unless a company can show you portfolio of their work, you should never think of hiring them.

• While you should try and save expenses during the web development process, it is better that you do not try to hire services that are too cheap as this may ultimately leave you with poor quality services. There should always be a fine balance between the quality of services provided and the price rates. A web development and web design company in Kolkata like Media Fx with sufficient technical knowledge and experience can present you with high quality services that are reliable but priced at cost effective rates.


Designing E-commerce Websites In 2016: Things To Know

Designing E-Commerce Websites

Web designers need to keep themselves abreast with the latest technologies and trends that prevail within the industry. In the year 2016, the main focus in the sphere of web designing will be on creating sites that are mobile friendly. AMP and mobile optimization will be the need of the hour as Google has specifically stated that any non-responsive site is going to be removed from the SERPs. In such a scenario, ecommerce web designers might wonder what changes they need to make in order to steer clear of being stripped away by Google while also at the same time stay ahead of the market competition. Media Fx, one of top 10 web design companies in India, discusses the various points that ecommerce web designers need to keep in mind as they try to create shopping portals that draw the attention of buyers, generate traffic and increase sales.

Maintain a clean design of your ecommerce site

Always make sure that the design of your ecommerce business site is maintained simple, clean and attractive. It does not mean that you will need to make use of a large number of graphics and flashy images. Just make sure that your website is not loud and that it is easily navigable and readable. This makes it easier for the visitors to understand the importance of your brand, go through the content conveniently, develop enhanced confidence in what your company has to offer and make purchase decisions in an appropriate manner.

Functional aspects of your ecommerce business website

When it comes to the functionality of your online store, you will need to put in certain components that would prompt the customers to take important shopping actions. However, your customers can use these components only when they are functioning properly. Make sure that your site does not have any broken links. You should also evaluate whether your online shopping site has any loading issues or not. Many a times designers put in larger images that take a lot of time to load which also increases the site’s bounce rates. The other thing that you should take into consideration is to put in a number of security features that would make it secure and safe for the customers to carry out online transactions. Additionally, you should also include contact forms, surveys as well as customer feedback sections that are often important from the perspective of the users.

Ecommerce site colors

One of the most crucial things when it comes to an ecommerce site designing is the colors that are used in it. In fact, colors play a very important role when it comes to attracting or repulsing a potential customer. While some colors may incite their curiosity to check out your products, there are others that can easily ward them off. Among the things that you need to consider while choosing the colors of your site is brand identity, target audience, the specific niche of the store or company as well as the emotional aspects of color theory.

Navigability of your website

Your ecommerce site should have intuitive navigation features that make it easier for your visitors to go through the various web pages and the products in them. On the other hand, if the navigation features of your site are confusing or poor then you will have greater bounce rates. Make sure that you carry our enough market research to determine which navigation tools would work best for you. According to the best web design company in India, adding a site map always helps shoppers to find out what they are looking for. You can also remove elements from your site that makes it difficult for your web pages to load easily.

10 Important SEO Tips For Every Web Designers

Proper implementation of SEO is crucial for any website to enjoy the kind of online exposure it deserves. Any professional SEO company like Media Fx understands the importance of using such methods from the design phase of a site as it makes them even more effective. Here are some SEO tips for web designers provided by the best web design company in India.

Conducting thorough keyword research

An SEO strategy must be planned from early stages of website designing. Keyword research is carried out at first in order to determine what the target customers are searching for when they are browsing the net for the same products and services.

Meaningful URL

Since Google goes through the words that are used in URLs, it is important to integrate the keyword phrases and keywords within them. This can make it easier for Google to understand what a particular site is all about.

Responsive Design

More people are now using their mobiles to browse the internet. Due to this reason it has become necessary for designers to make use of a template that can easily adjust itself to all kinds of screen sizes from desktops to mobiles and tablets.

Adding Relevant Title Tags

A title page provides with a clear picture about the topic that is discussed in a particular web page. The title tags are featured in 3 distinct places, i.e. the browsers, the search engine result pages and the external websites. Keep the number of characters in the title tag less than 65.

Describe your image files appropriately

Optimize your site to make it more search engine friendly. Use descriptive file names to optimize the image files used in your site. Google can read names of image files but cannot decipher meaningless words. Make use of keywords and little descriptions that will make it easier for search engines to understand the file names.

Add a call-to-action message on every page

By adding a call-to-action message on every page, you can encourage your site visitors to take the actions that you want them to. It is also a great way to understand what your site visitors are doing. You can schedule a consultation or add a shopping cart button. These call-to-action messages always produce effective results.

Stay away from using large sized images

Keep the size of your image files below 70kb. These images will take much less time to load and will play a vital role in enhancing your site’s bounce rate.

Keep primary content at the top

Make sure to keep all important information at the top so that viewers can read them instantly. Google has updated its algorithm for the page layouts and sites that have important information placed at the top are rewarded.

Steer clear of flash intros

Flash files are rich media format that Google and other search engines don’t scroll. Today, HTML5 and Flash files are a type of rich media format which Google and various other search engines do not scroll. Instead of flash, most website designers make use of HTML5 and a number of other latest languages.

Improve Site Speed

Your site speed should be fast. Make sure to keep your page design light so that they load easily. With greater loading time, the bounce rate for your site with browsers and external sites will increase. A reputed web design firm like Media Fx can offer proper guidance on how to improve your site speed.

Content Marketing How Much Helpful For SEO

Content Marketing

In the recent times, content marketing has been proven as one of the most effective ways to drive traffic into the websites. More companies are realizing the importance of investing in top notch content development strategies such as those provided by Media Fx that would in turn improve the ranking of a website in the search engine result pages. When site visitors browse through the search engines looking for something, they are actually looking for information relevant to their searches. A site that has well written content can generate customer interest as the site visitor will spend more time in looking through the website pages and learn about what it has to offer.

Every business organization wants to appeal to its target customers. While the online world opens a lot of avenues for business firms to expand its customer base, there is still a lot of competition among companies belonging to the same market niche for drawing the attention of prospective customers. Due to this reason, a business firm should have certain elements in its website that would enable it to stand apart from the rest. This would eventually allow it to draw more traffic and increase its potential to score more sales. Having well written content by the best SEO services would therefore help a business firm to achieve this goal with ease.

Content marketing is far more effective than other forms of marketing due to the fact that it is a non-intrusive way of promoting a company as well as its products and services. When a keyword rich content is published in a website, it is easily found by a prospective buyer who is looking to buy that product or at least know more about it. By reading or going through that content, the site visitor can make important purchase decisions that would then benefit the company that it is targeted to. In this way it is possible to increase the number of sales scored by a company within a limited time period without creating loud promotional campaigns.

Companies prefer to use the expertise of expert SEO services because of another important reason. The SEO Content Marketing Services offered by these companies allow a business firm to promote its brand at very cost effective rates. While creating a major television advertisement would certainly cost a large sum of money, investing in content marketing is a more practical choice as it allows a company to have the same kind of market exposure at much lower costs. It is for this reason that more companies are now choosing to expand their market potential with the help on effective content marketing strategies.

Apart from written content that is produced by Media Fx, one can also use a wide range of other content features as well, such as video content, webinars, reviews as well as Q&A sections. All of these separate contents can be used together to produce the desired results. The different types of content ultimately work together to create a positive impression about a certain product or service which then propel the buyer to invest in it.

How Will You Set Up A WordPress Blog Within Minutes?

WordPress Blog within Minutes

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platforms in the world. It is also a major content management system that is used for creating different types of feature rich, easily scalable and flexible websites. The best part of using WordPress is that it is a highly SEO friendly CMS platform which makes it possible for SEO firms like Media Fx to optimize the sites made with it for the best rankings on Google and other search engines.

If you are looking to use WordPress in order to create a nice blog, then you would be glad to know that WordPress offers a wide range of features to users that can enable them to create a highly customizable site with enhanced flexibility. Moreover, since your WordPress blog can be easily optimized with the latest SEO tools and methods, you can expect your blogging site to be discovered and read by millions of viewers across the world. Whether you are looking to set up a blog to create awareness about a particular product or service, or simply want to spread more information about a traveling destination, you can do so quite easily with the exciting features that WordPress provides you with.

There are a number of websites that offer guides and tutorials on how to use the various features of WordPress and what their functions are. Some of these sites also offer video tutorials that take you through the various steps on how to use the tools and features offered on WordPress. One of the best things about choosing WordPress as your blogging tool is that you do not need to be highly tech savvy or well versed in HTML to create blogs. While the HTML section is still there for the top web development companies to tinker with, you can simply make use of a number of easy and convenient features to post your blog.

WordPress offers a number of different plugins, templates and themes that allow you to customize your blog site as the way you want it. You surely want your blog site to look attractive to draw in more readers and this you can surely achieve by using WordPress. These plugins, templates and themes make it possible for site developers to create any kind of site they want, be it a blogging site, a general business site or an ecommerce shopping portal. The features in WordPress also allow developers to work with PHP scripts and MySQL to further customize the site according to their own preferences. This also allows the leading web developers to come up with the best web solutions as they work with the WordPress CMS platform.

You can also use a number of different font styles, imagery and content placement techniques with the WordPress platform to make your blogging site look one of a kind. Plenty of men and women have already created stunning blogging sites with WordPress by using the support provided by Media Fx and you can also do the same as well. It is for such factors that WordPress is regarded as such a successful blogging tool.

How Local SEO Services Can Benefit Businesses That Mainly Focus On Dealing With Local Customers?

Local SEO Services

Every business house uses the internet nowadays to reach out to their prospective customers and promote their brand. Not only the web allows people to find out about a particular business more easily but it lets the company make more number of sales in less time. The enhanced competition in the online world has also led companies to improve the quality of their products and services to a great extent. This has only benefitted the end users who are always searching for better quality products. To make the most mark in the search engines, a company needs to make efficient use of search engine optimization or SEO services such as those that are provided by Media Fx. SEO not only helps a company to enjoy higher ranking and better traffic but it also serves as a potent tool to beat the market competition.

An SEO company in India can not only provide a client with reliable SEO services but also present with regular SEO analytics reports over a period of time. These reports can help in understanding the progress made by the SEO campaigns and can help in determining what necessary changed are needed to be made. Professional search engine optimization companies can make sure that their clients are always enjoying better ranking in various leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When optimized in the correct manner, a particular site can enjoy top rankings for many weeks in a row. A number of different techniques such as keyword optimization, content creation and link building are used to produce the desired optimization results.

Among the many types of SEO services that are provided by professional SEO companies, perhaps one that deserves special mention is local SEO services. If you are the owner of a local business whose services and products are mainly used by consumers within your immediate community or area, then you will need to make use of local SEO services. The results for local SEO services are always different than that of general SEO services. So if you are keen on appealing to local customers, you will need to make use of SEO strategies that focus on mainly appealing to them. Local SEO is ideal for all kinds of geographically constrained services as it helps to bring the maximum traffic to such locality based business websites. This means that if your business provides electric repairing and installation services or you are the owner of a grocery store, then choosing optimum local SEO services can bring you the success that you ideally want.

SEO firms in India like Media Fx offering the best SEO services make use of different strategies to present their clients with top quality local search engine optimization services. For instance, they can provide with Google Maps SEO services, local listing for various search engines, map listing optimization services, geographic keyword research and implementation and create inbound links from various local directories and websites. Such customized local SEO expertise can greatly help a company to reach out to its targeted customers and benefit from such widespread exposure.