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Tips For Keeping Your Audience Busy And Active On Social Media

Tips for keeping Your Audience Busy

Social media trends are going through a change now and so companies need to focus on a different set of priorities to win the loyalty of their fan base and earn large sums of money in the process. Mainstream promoting techniques, such as getting large numbers of fan followings and likes are hardly the indicators of an effective communication and business promotion strategy. A hike in likes, shares and comments do not likewise define an increment in the sales figures. While Facebook still remains the most widely used social networking platform in India, other social media sites and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter are increasingly being used by people in this country.

Nevertheless, when you try to find out the avenues wherein you can actively promote your company and reap good profits in return, you are likely to be disappointed as the old social media marketing strategies are not going to be effective anymore. So here are some useful tips that will help you to use social media platforms for your marketing needs.

Launch a video contest

A video contest goes a great length when you need to promote your brand’s products. You can ask your audience to create commercials and ads for your merchandise and then announce a reward for the best entries. This will not only allow you to have good promotional materials without the need to hire experts but it also lets you engage the attention of your audience rather easily. You can also ask the people to vote for all the submitted videos. As they are definitely going to share the videos with the people they know, it is going to bring a lot of social media coverage.

Seek ideas and content from your customers

If you need to launch a new product and you need new ways to promote it, then you can ask your customers for suggestions and content that will help you to do the same. People always love to share their opinions and offer advice in this country. This is also a great way to engage the audience and helps in good marketing.

Share experiences and stories of your customers

Sharing the experiences of your brand’s customers is not only a great way to make them feel special but it also engages your users in a big way. You can use Twitter to create hashtags for your products, services, product launches and special events and ask people to share their experiences and stories. You can then choose a winner and promote your merchandise through him/her. Twitter has a 140-characters limit when it comes to creating an entry, and this often leads people to come up with stories and comments that are engaging and entertaining. This automatically leads to greater social media engagement.

Asking trivia questions

Another effective way of engaging your audience is asking them interesting trivia questions that will not only provide them with entertainment but also help in promoting your products. This is also seen as an excellent way of market research.


How Small Businesses can Benefit Greatly by using Google Analytics

Small Businesses can Benefit Greatly by using Google Analytics

Google analytics plays a crucial role when it comes to making SEO-related strategic decisions. Consumers browse websites 24/7 for their own needs and the increasing traffic in a website can greatly enhance the ROI of a company. Proper implementation of Google analytics can improve the quality of SEO techniques used for a site. Nevertheless, many small businesses tend to neglect making use of analytics when they need to make important SEO-related strategic decisions. They fail to realize that Google website analytics can serve as a great marketing tool. Businesses can easily come up with effective marketing strategies by using Google analytics.

Here are some of the distinct beneficial features of Google analytics:

Analyzing audience location

Google analytics reveals the geographic locations that are penetrated by your website’s content. If you detect a large number of your traffic is coming from areas that are outside your main geographic market, then you may need to come up with new geo-specific strategies that will suit your target audience.

Analyzing mobile traffic behavior

More and more people are nowadays using their mobile phones for carrying out online searches. This increased use of mobile searching makes it necessary that the sites are made in a mobile-friendly manner. Businesses can analyze the data relating to mobile traffic behavior and see whether their website is mobile-friendly or not. Comparing the mobile traffic growth rate on a per year basis, companies can attain valuable data on overall mobile website user experience.

Analyzing audience engagement

Google analytics is a great tool for checking how well you are engaging the attention of your target audience. It will provide you with detailed metrics on visit duration of the visitors, the number of pages that they have accessed; the number of pages that have been viewed and a host of other necessary details. If your website’s landing page is associated with some news article, then it is going to have short visit duration. However, if you want your visitors to stay longer on such a page, it is best to add some more content or go with a good call to action message.

Bounce rate measurement

If a visitor leaves the website after only visiting one page, then it is known as a bounce. The bounce rate of a site’s landing page serves as a predictor for the success or the failure of the individual pages. Monitoring bounce rate of the site’s pages allows businesses to find out areas where a site needs to improve.

Traffic source detection metric

This metric shows the means through which the visitors are accessing a website. It allows you to see whether the traffic is being generated from social media, organic search, referrals, or if they are coming directly. This will allow you to determine strengths of your SEO strategies; understand the growth opportunities and determine the areas where you need to improve.

Monitoring and measuring the performance of a site with Google analytics is always critical for coming up with a marketing strategy that is good for the business. It is for such reasons the use of Google analytics is strongly recommended.